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best tourism place in kerala


The Payyambalam Beach is an impeccably maintained destination in Kannur. This secluded location is known for providing one with the opportunity to simply relax or enjoy a family picnic in absolute tranquillity. Surfing and swimming options are also available for those who seek a little adventure. The gentle waters form a picturesque setting that has been featured in many South Indian movies as well. Being close to Kannur town has made it a favourite haunt for tourists and locals alike.

best tourism place in kerala


According to tradition, a member of the Vannan community at Parassinikadavu found a metallic arrow on the think of a Kangira tree and having felt something divine about the place, reported the matter to the senior member of an ancient Thiyya family in the neighborhood. The latter, who felt the divine presence of Muthappan, immediately performed the necessary ceremonies and offered worship to him

best tourism place in kerala


Once known as ‘Madathumala’, Ranipuram is a true gift of the Mother Nature! Located in the Kasargod region, it is among the least explored and virgin hill stations in Kerala! Fondly called the ‘Queen of Grasslands’, it is perched at an astounding height of 2,460ft above the sea level, and is a home to a captivating range of flora and fauna.

best tourism place in kerala


The trek to Palakayyam Thattu is undoubtedly scenic and also quite an easy one. There are designated routes and passages that trekkers take, the climb is not too steep, and it only takes about 90-120 mins to get to the top. You will be able to overlook the Mandalam Church, St Joseph's High School, Chemberi Vimal Engineering and even the Valapattanam River on your way. During monsoons, you will find many small streams running down the hillock. Take the time to stop and refresh yourself with a shower in the chilling water of these streams.

best tourism place in kerala


Muzhappilangad Beach is famous for being Kerala's only drive-in beach. At about 7km from Thalassery in Kannur, you have a 4 km stretch of sand that awaits you to simply drive along as you soak in the view of the beautiful Malabar Coast.

best tourism place in kerala


Kanjirakolly Hill Station is one of the emerging tourism destinations in Kannur district of Kerala, situated in the Western Ghats, along with the other Hill stations in Kannur, Palakkayam Thattu and Paithalmala. Kanjirakolly Hill station, situated about 54 km from Kannur town, is the new tourist destination identified by Kerala Tourism. To explore the tourist attractions here, Kerala Tourism has launched the first phase of developmental works here. Govt. has laid the foundation stone for a tourist facilitation centre recently.

best tourism place in kerala


An invigorating 6 km trek, a trail interspersed with rare endemic species, waterfalls and a panoramic view of neighbouring Karnataka, are some of the primary attractions of the magnificent hill station of Pythal Mala or Paithalmala in Kannur. One of the highest peaks in Kannur, this enchanting hill station is located about 65 km from the main town and about 4500 ft. above sea level, one must traverse a good distance to reach this quaint spot.

best tourism place in kerala


Theyyam and Thira are two popular ritual forms of worship of North Kerala. These are ritual dance forms where the performers act the role of deities. Even though there are variations like Theyyam, Thira and Kolam, all these are basically the same ritual form with slight variations. The word Theyyam means ‘Daivam’, Malayalam word for God. In this ritual art form, the dancer “metamorphoses” into the particular deity and gives his blessings to the crowd. Normally ‘Theyyam and Thira’ are performed in shrines or traditional houses and these places are called ‘Sthanam’.


‘Ecotourism is tourism that

respects and supports the local environment’

With all actions, activities, projects and decisions Green grass heritage tries to choose the option that damages the local environment as little as possible. In addition, Green grass holidays runs several projects that generate a positive effect on the environment. For visitors who are interested, we are more than happy to take you’re on a tour of our green initiatives inclusive of:

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